India - Pakistan Peace Process and J&K

The relations between India and Pakistan have been strained right from the partition days and Jammu and Kashmir has always been the focus point of any discussion between the two countries. Many efforts have been made to normalise the relations, however, no tangible results have been forthcoming.
Some hopes were seen during the tenure of Sheikh Abdullah as Chief Minister, however, the events took a downward turn after his death in 1982. The situation in J&K deteriorated and militancy took its roots across the state in a big way. Good governance is an integral part of any effective government. However, in a conflict situation and disturbed environment, where the lives and interests of ordinary people are under pressure, the issue of a functioning government becomes even more crucial. This is exactly where the governance system failed the people of the state when the trouble started. By the beginning of 1990, the administration in Srinagar and some other towns of the Valley had almost collapsed. Jammu and Kashmir has been struggling with the scourge of terrorism for three decades now. This has caused untold miseries to the people of the state; with thousands losing life and many more getting hurt. The turmoil has also resulted in huge losses to public and private properties.
This book attempts a panoramic overview of the peace process, in different stages and phases over the past seven decades, between India and Pakistan from 1947 onwards; with special reference to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The author, having been involved in many of these processes very closely, has covered these details in most authentic and unbiased manner.

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  • India - Pakistan Peace Process and J&K
author detailsDr. Sudhir S. Bloeria, IAS (J&K- 1968) is an ex-Army Officer having served in the Infantry, The Jammu and Kashmir Rifles, from 1966 to1972, he took part in the 1971 war with Pakistan, in the Fazilka sector. A graduate of the National Defence College, he takes keen interest in military history and national security matters. His last assignment was Chief Secretary J&K Government from November 2002 till his superannuation in September 2005. In July 2008, Dr. Bloeria was appointed as Advisor to the Governor during Governor's rule in J&K. He was instrumental in successfully handling the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board land agitation and, later, conducting the Assembly Elections.

Foreword by C D Sahay, Former Secretary (R)
Chapter – I Background of the Conflict
Chapter – II Early Efforts
Chapter – III The Breakdown
Chapter – IV The Militancy 
Chapter – V The Transition 
Chapter – VI Enter Vajpayee
Chapter – VII Vajpayee Reasserts
Chapter – VIII Efforts Continue
Chapter – IX Impact of Relations with Important Countries
Chapter – X The Peace Process – Internal Dimensions
Chapter – XI The Peace Process – External Dimensions
Chapter – XII The Crystal Gazing
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