Syria: The Hegemonic Flashpoint between Iran and Saudi Arabia?

The Syrian conflict is a war of a new type, with many dimensions, strategic goals and rivalries, one of which is the regional struggle between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This rivalry is part of wider ideological and military conflict between Western imperialism allied with Zionism to defeat the Syrian government, and Hezbollah, Syria and Iran which comprise of the 'Axis of Resistance'. This is a quest to achieve regional domination. This question of the regional rivalry between Saudi Arabia and Iran is central to understanding the nature and dynamics of the Syrian conflict and has mostly been overlooked in serious analysis of the war. Rather, any other analysis has focused on a Sunni-Shi'ite division, but what this book explores, is that the underlying rivalry has far deeper roots incorporating imperialism, regional hegemony and resource rivalry.

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  • Subjects: Middle East, West Asia, Syria Conflict
  • Syria: The Hegemonic Flashpoint between Iran and Saudi Arabia?
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Drew Cottle is a senior lecturer in International Relations and Politics at Western Sydney University. He has written extensively on international political economy and revolutionary struggles in the Third World. His book, The Brisbane Line: A Re-Appraisal was a study of potential collaboration in Australia prior to the Pacific War.

Paul Antonopoulos has an MA in International Relations and is Deputy-Editor of Al-Masdar News. He takes a great interest in Middle Eastern and Latin American international relations and political economy.

Foreword by Oliver Villar


1. Uprisings, Media Propaganda, and the reactions from Riyadh and Tehran
2 The Rise of the Assad Regime
3 Strained Iranian-Saudi Relations
4 Proxy War in Syria
5 Saudi-Iranian Foreign Policy towards the Syrian War
6 Nuclear Proliferation, Pipeline Politics and the Saudi Oil Oversupply