Basic Health Care Series - Acidity

Acidity is generally a consequence of several external factors like eating habits, fad diets, stress, smoking and alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity, irregularity in eating pattern. The incidence of acidity is higher in countries where individuals eat more of non-vegetarian, oily and spicy foods. Certain medications like non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s)also predisposes individuals to gastric acidity. Gas is one of the most embarrassing health problems faced by the people. Gas is not a disease, but an indication to some other ill health condition. According to the National Institutes of Health, when nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen, and methane mix together, it forms intestinal gas. Intestinal gas is always present in the digestive track of a human body, from the stomach to rectum. If the intestinal gas is developed excessively, it causes problems, like burping, belching, or flatulence.  Some simple natural remedies can be used to treat stomach acidity. For instance, simply drinking a little water will help neutralize and flush out excess acid from your stomach. The book will be found immensely informative and useful for all and for students and scholars.

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  • Basic Health Care Series - Acidity
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